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Telstra Business Awards support for Women in Boating

It gives us great pleasure to announce that EZIYACHT is a Qld State Finalist in the ‘Accelerating Women’ category of the 2024 TELSTRA Best of Business Awards.

EziYacht commenced business in 2019, as the first female-owned brokerage in the country. Our mission is to provide exceptional services to all people, to present vessels that stand out in the market, and to treat all our customers as equals.

Being the first female owned and operated boat brokerage in Australia has meant that we have needed to shine in every aspect of business to secure a permanent position in an uneven playing field. I started this business because of a lifelong passion for boating, the ocean, and a thirst to excel in everything I do. My mission is to see more women taking the helm, owning their own boats, enjoying all that this wonderful sport of sailing (and recreational boating) has to offer – without barriers, without prejudice and without discrimination – as equals".

EziYacht's customers are represented very evenly with 48% female v's 52% male representation. Despite this, even today few women will consider buying a boat without a respective ‘other’ - but there are signs that this is changing. And EziYacht is doing what it can to actively promote this change of mindset.

Do we still need to prove that women belong in maritime? The answer is YES.

Female representation in the sport of sailing is steadily progressing. The World Sailing Organisation is behind many initiatives to grow the number or women engaged in sailing activities. There are more avenues for young female sailors to participate and more opportunities for women to learn in a safe and supportive environment at Club level through the Australian Sailing 'She Sails' training program. We are seeing an increase in female participation in global yacht races; many of which are now encouraging mixed crews. Slowly but surely the stigma of a supposed 'male dominated industry' is shifting to a more even playing field.

"You see, women do belong at the helm and as boat owners just as much as their male counterparts". In a recent case study, EziYacht founder Sonia Robinson interviewed a dozen female participants – all of whom purchased and/or sold a yacht through EziYacht. Each of these women has taken a step towards breaking down the barriers that still prevail in the maritime sector and all of these women encourage other women to take the plunge.

Here's how YOU can help to grow female participation (and get involved):

- Tell other women about your experiences and what you love about being on the water;

- Encourage more women to get involved with sailing and boating and share your learnings with them;

- Consider supporting or joining other women working in the industry - we may be outnumbered but we are not ‘outskilled’;

- Support female sailors of all ages and get involved with your own local Club;

- Challenge yourself and set your own personal sailing goals - the rewards will amaze you!;

- Tell your friends about the amazing network and community of Women Who Sail and bring them along with you the next time you’re hitting the water.

Telstra's Award category 'Accelerating Women' is for businesses actively challenging exclusion and inequality to create meaningful and lasting equity for women in 2024. The 2024 State Finalists have been selected from over 22,450 applicants nationwide.

EziYacht’s founder is willing to assist with narrowing the gender gap when it comes to boating and boat ownership.

“Above all else, I believe that everyone should be entitled to do what they love and I don’t see why there should be any barriers – regardless of race, age or gender. We all share the same passion for the ocean, boating or sailing in all its forms and that is what really matters. My passion motivates me to help people with buying and selling boats, so it is a really great honour for EziYacht to be recognised for our achievements by reaching the State Finals of the 2024 Telstra Best of Business Awards.”

EziYacht wishes to thank all its patrons who have supported us up to now. Sonia believes that any women can achieve her own personal boating goals. In fact Sonia believes that women are even more determined to succeed than most men! As a business EziYacht constantly challenges the 'perceived norm' by encouraging more women to take to the water to enjoy boating in all its forms.


Women Who Sail Australia – Community Facebook Group

Australian Sailing – She Sails – Options to become involved in sailing

World Sailing – Steering the Course

Steering the Course is a global initiative to bring together sailing communities, highlighting the achievements of women already within the sport, as well as attracting those who have never tried it before.

EZIYACHT is an independent boat brokerage operating across the East Coast of Australia and selected international regions. For more information visit our website OR follow us on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Services include Valuations, Buying Agency, Boat Sales, Sailing Videos & Feature Photography, and own-boat tuition.


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