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Have you just bought a boat and are feeling a bit shaky? Are you keen to learn the ropes on your own boat so you feel more confident going out? Or do you want to advance your skills? 

We can help you to gain the confidence you need and provide you with some pointers to get you started - safely. You might just need some advice on optimising your boat's set up. 
We can point out the safety equipment you need and help you to prepare for a trip or even cruise safely with friends and family. Whatever the need, we can help you.

"A checklist cannot fly a plane (or sail a boat). Instead, they provide reminders of only the most critical and important steps..." Atul Gawande


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Are you keen to set off cruising in the future? Do you need a little advice on where to start and what to expect?

Our team can help to steer you in the right direction and help you plan for the best time of your life. We can point out the safety equipment  you need and equip you with the necessary skills for coastal hops or even longer passage making. 

We can also recommend reliable and accredited services, insurance and trades to help optimise your vessel for your cruise.

Whatever it is, we can help to get you on your way.



Under the Shipping Registration Act 1981, the following Australian owned vessels must be registered:

  • Commercial vessels, 24 metres and over in tonnage length and capable of navigating the high seas.

  • All vessels sailing overseas, regardless of their size.

The following vessels are exempt from the requirement to be registered providing they are not intending to leave an Australian port for an overseas port:

  • Ships less than 24 metres in tonnage length

  • Government ships

  • fishing vessels

  • pleasure crafts.

These vessels are permitted to be registered, if the owner wishes to do so.


Entering Australia?

If Australia is likely to be your final destination you will be required to import your vessel.
Yachts are subject to a general rate of duty of 5 per cent based on the customs value (basically the price paid) and 10 per cent goods and services tax (GST) calculated on the customs value plus international transport and insurance plus the duty.

Privately imported yachts...MORE

Leaving Australia?